Dec 6, 2011 – Leaving Markham Way

This is where it all started. In September of 2010, David was fresh from a visit with his parents and sister Kathie in Deer Isle, ME, facing his recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, and he had an idea. The idea to get an RV and travel after Hannah went away to college.

But first, we had to get rid of STUFF. Lots and lots of stuff. Twenty one years of raising kids and living life stuff. And what were we going to do with the house? Rent it? Sell it? What about Nanda Oils? Do we sell it? Liquidate it? What about Keane Training? David has just gotten it started, and he has actual clients that he adores. And then: What kind of RV? Where do you get an RV? So many questions, so much research to do. But we were both all in.

Move forward to December, 2011. Hannah is kicking soccer bootay at SDSU. Kit (and his girlfriend, Tami) are in Tulsa, OK, where Kit is blazing his own trail in grad school. The stuff is pretty much gone. The RV has been located and purchased in Chanute, KS. The business is sold. The house is sold. The big butt truck (more on that later) is in our possession. We really hate to leave Markham Way behind. It was a lovely house, with great trees and wonderful people. We will miss the people more than the house, which is saying alot.

Guess it’s time to get this adventure started. First stop…Gardnerville, NV.

Behind Us
Behind Us