A “Mind” with Parkinson’s

It appears he can do no wrong.  Any quirk, mental glitch, hesitation, forgetfulness, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, trip, shuffle, fall, any reduced physical ability, loss of attention, laziness, verbal outburst, sleeplessness, agitation, hateful thought, lack of humor, confusion, sloppiness, lack of precision and thoroughness, even extreme thoughts of sexual fantasies can all be attributed to Parkinson’s Disease!  Is this a curse or is this freedom?

It’s not him, it’s the Parkinson’s.  He said that because of the Parkinson’s.  He did it that way because of the Parkinson’s.  Oh, that’s because he has Parkinson’s.  Don’t worry, he has Parkinson’s.  Never mind, he has Parkinson’s.  Don’t say anything, he has Parkinson’s.  Can’t you see, he has Parkinson’s.  You can’t stop him, he has Parkinson’s.  Poor boy, he has Parkinson’s.  Don’t stare at him, he has Parkinson’s.  Feel sorry for him, he has Parkinson’s.

Let him go, he has Parkinson’s.

~ DK

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  1. David, I hope you know you are so much more than just a man with Parkinson’s Disease. I am so happy to know my daughter has you for her husband because of the man you are.

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