Day 1119 – Yuma Run

Today, Hannah and I took off to Yuma to buy groceries and refill some propane tanks.  Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

This is what our little grocery run turned into:

Now, I have not figured out how to post a picture of a map of the route that I have built on Google maps – yet – but if you click on the link above, it will show you that we made a couple of stops along the way.

First of all – $2.05/gallon for gas?! Really? Oh, to drive the Honda CRV all of the time! I guess the diesel prices will start to fall too, but it was refreshing to fill the tank for $22.19.  Granted, the Honda has a much smaller fuel tank, but it is still much more economical to drive, especially when the grocery store is 25 miles (or more) away.

The stop at Sam’s Club for fuel turned into a run inside to check their laptop prices.  We have been exploring getting Hannah a laptop to take to England, since her Chromebook lacks a DVD drive, and it appears to be incompatible with an external DVD drive.  Not knowing if she will need to load software or burn DVD’s, we think the Chromebook is not going to be robust enough for her classes at the University of Sunderland.  I have been looking for a lightweight (5 lbs or less), under $400 laptop with DVD slot.  This was not resolved today, and we are running out of time, but I hope to have a solution figured out in the next week.  Some groceries were secured, and we were on our way.

The cool weather we have been having has prompted us to run our furnace and Mr. Heater (a portable propane heater) a bit more than we would like, and we have burned through a good amount of propane. I brought our now-empty 30 lb tank, as well as the 20 lb tank for the portable, to refill.  Unfortunately, our first refill choice, Cactus Propane, is not open on Saturday.  This is where it should also be pointed out that I rarely know what day of the week it is.  I call this an occupational hazard.  Luckily, there are other places to get the propane refilled, or else I would be dealing with not only the cold, but with our fridge not having fuel to run, either.

I dropped off an Amazon return at the UPS Store (again – dang, it is Saturday and this package will not move until Monday) and mailed an application for a job in Maine.

Hannah and I were discussing what we are going to do with her car while she is in England.  This is an issue that we will need to address, but not immediately.  As long as we are hanging out in the AZ desert, it is actually really nice to have the Honda to drive around.  But once we start heading East, it does not make sense to have it with us.  And, Hannah will need it when she returns to San Diego in July. Just something to work out.

After grabbing a bite to eat at Chipotle, we found our way to Cactus Storage & Propane. Notice a trend here? This place IS open on Saturday, and they were hopping! Two lanes of cars, each with 5-6 trucks waiting with their empty propane tanks.  I was the only woman not in a passenger seat – and while I had offers of help to load up my filled tank (it does weigh about 55 lbs) I was proud that I could load it myself.  $28.76 was the total of our bill, which is pretty good, especially considering that they charge you for the actual amount of gas you used, versus a flat rate.  We pay a flat rate of $30.00 for the 30 lb tank in Maine, regardless of the amount of gas it takes to fill it.  I am not a fan of flat rates.

Finally, it was time for a run in to Frys for the rest of the groceries, and then a quick zip back home.  I was hoping to have time to go for a walk, but David was ready to head to the showers, so I was off again.  We did see a burro mom and baby, but it was almost dark, so my picture did not come out.  So today’s photo is from last year.

Dinner consisted of leftovers, and another episode of Amazing Race.  Hannah wanted to see how the SDSU men’s basketball game was going (they lost to Fresno), and David and Hannah are now watching the first “Hunger Games” movie while I hang out in the bedroom writing this.

David was a busy boy today, as he tilted the front solar panel, and worked on a new water line for the solar water heater that he is designing and installing.  It is so much fun to watch the process go from idea to actuality.  He is a handy guy to have around, that is for sure.   He also got to catch up with his sister Kathie, who will be joining us later this month.  But that is another post.

While not every day is an adventure of discovering new places, we take joy in being together and in getting to share it with you.

I’m glad we could have this chat,




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