Day 1123 – Another Dental Day

We returned to Los Algodones, and Venus Dentistry, for round 2 – my cleaning and exam, the installation of David’s permanent onlay (as opposed to a crown) and Hannah’s filings – one that was expected to be quite large.

What we got was pretty much according to plan. An added bonus was when David stopped at a barber to get a hair cut.  Well, maybe a hair cut correction would be a more accurate description.  He has asked me to cut his hair, and I am by no means a trained stylist.  I have managed to not butcher him the first two times.  But I think I really made a mess of it the last time I cut it, and I told him just how much anxiety I feel when I do trim his hair.  So, it was not pretty.  For five dollars, a delightful young lady trimmed it and he now has a stylin’ do.  And is happy with it.  For my part, I did watch what she was doing, and am thankful that:  A) He has these curls that are quite forgiving.  B) That he trusts me.  C) That he still has hair at 59 years of age!

We ended up in Sam’s Club in Yuma to pick up some more frozen blueberries, mixed berries, tortillas, bread and hummus. Just the staples, really! I am proud when we can leave a warehouse store without an impulse purchase.

Something that we did do impulsively, but which came at zero cost, was for David and I to get our flu shot at Sam’s Club. They had a big sign as we entered, stating that they had zero cost flu shots for BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield) insurers. A quick trip to the pharmacy – and we were covered! Thank goodness! We plan to be around a lot of people in the next couple of weeks, and it is good to know that we have our flu shot.

We came home pretty quick, and I jumped into food prep for dinner.  First, chips and salsa.  David got the rice going in the rice cooker, since we had 100% charge with the solar.  Then, I made TVP tacos, adding the left over sweet potatoes and beans from the fridge.  An avocado was mashed and mixed with a fresh mango and some salsa, and greens were added.  Corn tortillas barely held the creations together long enough for us to scarf them down.

For evening entertainment, we finally watched the last two episodes of “Amazing Race”.  As long as the dentists didn’t win, we were happy!

One of the highlights of logging on tonight was to see this wonderful picture my daughter-in-law posted for me on facebook.  I am keeping it as the only image for today’s post, because it is super duper special.  This is (from left to right) Brian Gershater, my daughter-in-law’s brother; Tamara, my daughter-in-law; Kit, my amazing son; and Hannah, my daughter that is abandoning me and running off to Sunderland in less than two weeks.  This is the next generation.  This picture depicts 4 people who will love each other unconditionally to the end of time.  These people have each other’s back.  And I am so thankful that they do.

I’m glad we could have this chat,



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