Day 1126 – Errand Day

I am proud to say that I started the day at 7:30 am – ARIZONA time – with a lovely, long, brisk walk with David.  We had awoken to the sounds of light rain, but when we got outside, there was no trace except for the scent.  The creosote bushes let off such an amazing scent, it was almost like manzanita, but drier.  I wish I could describe it better. But it is very strong, very noticeable, and very unique.

On our way back, we noticed the sun poking it’s way through the clouds.  And that is my featured photo of the day! Isn’t it lovely?

We really knocked out the weekend “to do” list today! After David caught up with his mom, we replied to an inquiry from one of the campgrounds that we applied to for summer work. Then, we loaded up the dirty laundry, the empty propane tank, and the empty drinking water jugs into the Beast and trekked on over to Yuma.

Al’s RV Supply was our first stop. We pretty much talked ourselves out of buying everything that we found – the prices were a tad steep, and the projects just did not warrant buying something at a higher price than we can get it online.  We are challenged with getting deliveries at this time, but that is something that is short-term.

We then headed to Cactus Storage for more propane.  This time, there was no real line, so maybe it was a slow day? It seems we are seeing many more RV’s each day, and the big gathering in Quartzsite is starting at the end of this coming week, so I suspect this was the calm before the storm.

The run over to Home Depot was interrupted by a quick Chipotle stop.  After reading about the Sofritas Monday (order Sofritas on Monday, January 26th at any Chipotle, then bring your receipt back from January 27th – February 28th, 2015—for a FREE burrito, bowl, salad or order of tacos of your choice. I could think of nothing I wanted more for lunch today.  This is my indulgence.  And it was gooooood.  Of course, David had the burrito bowl with brown rice and black beans.  The sofritas surely have oil, so he won’t touch them.  But if you are in the mood for something really tasty, try this! I think even you meat-eaters would love it.

Home Depot sucked us in for at least an hour, and then we were off to do laundry! 8E Laundry is “the preferred place to do laundry”.  Really.  It is their tagline!  What I like about this laundromat is that it is really clean, coinless, and quiet! I was the only person in the place for my full wash cycle. And one couple came in to pick up their dried clothes. That was pretty much it for a Saturday afternoon.  Again, it might be the calm before the storm.

David went across the parking lot to Walmart to return the too-small hitch we bought the other day, and purchased the right size.  With the laundry washed, dried, and folded, we had one last stop – water! The kiosk on the way out of Yuma provides 5 gallons for $0.50, and we actually could have filled a 6th, but didn’t have one with us.  Such a deal!

We got home just as the most beautiful sunset was displayed before us.  I was driving, so no picture to share – sorry about that.  After making the bed and putting away the clothes, I have zero energy to do anything else.  And I am still full from lunch, so not cooking or recipes from me tonight!

But I will share this: This NYT travel page is so amazing.  Not only does it show some really interesting places to visit, but the pictures and interactive video is truly inspiring.  Oh, start making your list now – and tell me, where would you go first? (And thank you to my friend Kirsty for sharing this article on your fb page.)

I’m glad we could have this chat,


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