Day 1129 – The Runaround

Ever have one of those days where you question your decision-making skills?  Today was one of those days for me.

I had two very important tasks to complete: take Hannah to Los Algodones to wrap up her dental work, and to purchase a new computer for her to take to abroad.

The day started with a magnificent sunrise.  I admit, I have not witnessed too many sunrises here at the LTVA, mostly because of the fantastic blackout curtains that David’s mom made for us.  But Hannah and I were up early, and got to share the colors and wonders of an Arizona sunrise.  A great way to start a busy day!

After an oatmeal breakfast, we left David to work on his project, and drove to Los Algodones.  The dentist was a little behind schedule, but we were finished and back in the car within 2 hours.  A bonus that I received while waiting in the reception area: a sweet conversation with a couple from Oregon, who gave me the name of an optical provider in Los Algodones.  David and I will be returning to get a replacement pair of glasses for him, and (probably) bifocals for me.  Yay to turning 50!

Hannah and I had been researching laptops for the last week or so.  We knew what we wanted as far as RAM, hard drive size, weight, etc.  The challenge was to find it for around $500.  We had found one at Costco, but that was in El Centro, a 45 mile drive from the dentist appointment.  Of course, you can’t call Costco and find out if they have it in stock, so we knew we were taking a risk.  Our backup was available at the El Centro Best Buy.  We could see that they had inventory, including option 3.

Well, Costco was a bust.  Not only did they not have the item we were looking for, but they didn’t really have any options, either.  Most of their stock on hand were flimsy chromebook-like machines, or desktops, or pricey high-end gamers.

So, after a stop at Togo’s for a lovely sandwich, we went to the Imperial Valley Mall.  Hannah bought some makeup from the Sephora inside JCPenney, we checked out slippers at Target and Kohls, ended up using my Kohls rewards for a travel-size Eternity perfume, and then made it to Best Buy.

The first item we found was we the universal charger that we realized Hannah did not have for her trip.  Next, a Power Stick, which is a portable usb charger for your phone or kindle.  And then we were off to the computer section.  Fernando at Best Buy was awesome.  He asked us about what we wanted the machine to do, and what our budget was.  Then he showed us low to high, demonstrating each machine, and answering all of my questions.  We ended up with a machine that was higher-end than I thought we could afford, and it was within our budget.  Hannah now has a impressive Dell Inspiron 15.6” Touch Screen laptop, with Intel i5 processor, 6GB memory, 1TB hard drive, Bluetooth, wifi AC, voice recognition…you get the idea.  And she hasn’t stopped playing with it since we got home.  Of course, I need to get my hands on it to make sure the software is up to date, add Microsoft Office and virus protection.

And now here is the rub – this particular Best Buy could not find the machine they showed as being in inventory.  And we were not interested in the floor model. But, guess what? They had one in hand at the Yuma store.  This made the entire trip to El Centro completely wasted.  At least that was the way I was feeling as I drove back to Yuma.  We did save 0.5% in sales tax by purchasing in CA and picking up in AZ.  Who would have thought?

We picked up our purchase in Yuma, visited Target for some slippers, and then headed back to the rig.  Of course, David’s words as we left at 7:45 am, “Don’t make this an all day thing.”  Hey, we were home by 6:30 pm! There was still plenty of day left!

Dinner was a variation of the Cheater Pad Thai recipe that I posted a few days ago ( – and I was done for the day! I think I was in bed by 9 pm, asleep by 9:01 pm!

Here is the map of the day:

Wednesday will be a travel/relocation day – We are off to Quartzsite.  See you there!

I’m glad we could have this chat,


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