Day 1130 – The Road To Quartzsite

We had a fantastic, uneventful trek from Imperial Dam to Quartzsite, AZ.

Hannah followed in the CRV, and took this lovely photo of our rear, with Castle Dome in the distance.  Some day, maybe next Spring, we will complete that hike.

But back to the present.  After breakfast, we rolled up the living room rug, mounted Hannah’s bike onto her roof rack, secured the inside and brought in the slides for a trip to the dump station! Hey, all of our destinations can’t be Disneyland!

After successfully eliminating the RV waste waters and garbage, Hannah and I took a quick trip to the coin showers.  Once we returned, David drove the truck pulling the RV, I navigated from my cushy passenger seat, and Hannah patiently followed.

The trip to Quartzsite, AZ was only about 70 miles, and did not involve more than 5 turns. The skies were clear, but we did have a headwind most of the way.

We stopped at the La Posa LTVA, where we loaded up with a full  100 gallons of fresh water.  Then, it was off to the site of Q and Q, an annual gathering of the Nuwa Hitchhikers Owners Forum.  The members of the forum have had a casual gathering in Quartzsite for (I think) 6 years now.  Last year was our first, and we wanted to return again this year.  And so we have.  Of course, we were the first to arrive at the site, but that is OK.  I posted our location to the Forum, and I am sure more will be showing up shortly.

A quick note about the Forum: David started reading about the Nuwa Hitchhiker as soon as we decided to sell the house and get an RV.  The members of the Forum we instrumental in showing us the ropes, and convincing us that this manufacturer knew what they were doing, loved what they were doing, and would be around for awhile.  Well, as Meatloaf would tell you, two out of three ain’t bad.  (Nuwa is no longer in the business of manufacturing their own RV’s).

Oh, and why Quartzsite? Well, more on that, too! (

We have been hired by Amazon to help promote their CamperForce program ( at the RV Show this week.  David and I need to go to Phoenix to complete hiring paperwork at Amazon’s temp agency, so it will be quite a day of driving.  Which means a quick dinner and bedtime for all of us.

I am hoping to make contact with a Brewer (family of my beastie growing up in Auburn) or two, if I can make it happen.  But, we keep adding stops to the list, so I may have to make another trip later in the season.

Either way, I should be getting dinner wrapped up, so off I go!

I’m glad we could have this chat,



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