Day 1131 – PHX Driveby– Link to Google Map

That is the map of our trip to Phoenix today.  It probably came out to more like 200 miles of driving, and we were quite thanksful to have Hannah’s Honda to zip around in.  We arrived in Phoenix around noon.

Our first, and primary stop, was Integrity Staffing Solutions.  This is the temp agency that Amazon uses.  We will be under their employ while we work 9-5 Saturday – Monday in the big tent at the Quartzsite RV Show.  I am really looking forward to wearing one of my CamperForce t-shirts and answering questions from potential team members for the coming peak season.  Yes, we just finished work on December 19, but the hiring process has started for Peak 2015, and we are fortunate to be a part of it.

Once we completed paperwork and provided a copy of our passports, we were on our way.  The next stop was Bill’s Propane.  David had called ahead and confirmed that they did, indeed, have a 1/4″ Male Pipe Thread x Female POL. This part could not be located in all of Yuma, so we were skeptical.  But, not only did Bill’s have the part, they also crafted a hose with a regulator to David’s specifications.  He was practically skipping as he came back to the car.

Next was a stop at REI.  The lovely boots you see in today’s feature photo are Princess Boots.  These special boots could not be found in any stores (especially in size 11) and thus had to be special ordered.  They will keep my Princess warm and cozy in cold, damp Sunderland.  They were waiting for pickup at the REI in Phoenix because it is near the airport where Hannah will be flying out next Tuesday (sniffle).  Rather than have to go by on the way to her flight, we decided to pick them up today.  And of course, there was the pair of sock, and gloves that were on sale.  She is going to be the most stylish American at University of Sunderland, that is for sure.  Walking REI billboard, she will be.

Well, all this shopping and running around makes a guy and two gals hungry.  Chipotle was already deemed our food stop, as it was the last chance Hannah will have to eat her favorite takeout (British variation: takeaway).  Trust me, there are no Chipotle’s in or near Quartzsite.  One really should try the Sofritas!  I did just find a recipe to make my own, so maybe this will be dinner sometime soon (

David had a prescription of Simvastatin that needed refilling, so I had ordered it online, trying to pick a Walmart that was near our stops.  I failed in that department! There was a Walmart in the same parking lot as the Integrity office, but I did not see that when I ordered the refill.  So, there was some extra, unnecessary driving.  The Rx was ready upon our arrival, so that was refreshing.  David went to the automotive section to find the hitch and ball that we will need later in the week (more on that later) and Hannah went looking for a case/sleeve for her laptop.  David scored, Hannah struck out.  We all grabbed a few food items, and we were off again!

Since David found what he needed at Bill’s Propane and Walmart, we eliminated the Camping World stop, but added a stop at Best Buy for Hannah’s case and we were FINALLY on the road back home.  There was no time to bug Denny Brewer at work, or call my girl Jany to surprise her.  I will have to try again – whether that is on Tuesday when we take Hannah to the airport, or later.

Once back to our site at Q and Q, we noted the arrival of two more Hitchhikers today! Looking at the Forum, I see that one of them is Bill & Elysa.  We believe we met them last year.  Don’t know who the is in the other rig – but it is dark, so we aren’t going knocking!

Now, the big dilemma.  The Havasu City Balloon Fest starts tomorrow morning at 6 am.  It is a 1 hr 20 min drive from here.  None of us are compelled to go.  In fact, at this time, both David and Hannah are sound asleep.  And knowing that we have to be at a dinner with our Amazon boss at 6:30 pm tomorrow night, I think the Balloon Fest is not going to happen.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

But tomorrow will be another glorious day in the desert of Arizona, and with more RV’s rolling in each day, it is starting to get bustling around here.  My mom posted a link to an article about Quartzsite to my fb page today.  Here it is:

I’m glad we could have this chat,


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