Day 1135 – Brilliant Skies

As we drove back from Phoenix tonight,  we were treated to an amazing sunset.  And it was just what I needed.

Today has been long,  emotional,  and comforting.

It started off with breakfast with Hannah,  and all of us loading up into the Beast (our Ford F350 dually) and heading to the airport in Phoenix, roughly 2 hours away.  But first, a “I’m off on a grand adventure” pic of Hannah in the morning light:

England Bound

I did check flight schedules, and Hannah’s flight from Dallas to London was delayed to the point that she would miss her connection from London to Newcastle. Rather than leave London at 8:40 am, she will now have to wait until 15:50 (3:50 pm) – which makes for a very long day. Hope she is able to sleep on the plane.

We had about 2 hrs between dropping Hannah off and picking up David’s sister, Kathie, who was flying in to join us from Maine.  So, as I was feeling uberly out of sorts, I found the nearest Einstein Brothers Bagels to feed my sorrows.

Then, we ran to Walmart to do some grocery shopping, and back to the airport to pick up Kathie.

Next, we took Kathie to Trader Joe’s, which was a new experience for her,  one of many “firsts” that she will have over the next two weeks.

We then went to the far reached off Phoenix to pick up her rental trailer.  It is a little dirty and used on the inside,  but we hope she will find it comfortable. Here she is with her rental home on wheels.


As we drove back to Q, we witnessed the most amazing sunset.  I tried to capture it in the photo that begins this post,  but it really could not be captured.

Upon our arrival at  the Q and Q, we got Kathie’s bed made,  and then ate a quick meal.  I will have to look up the wine that I bought at TJ’s…it was spectacular.

Hannah is still out there flying,  but I need to sleep. We have a summer job interview over the phone bright and early, so I can’t stay up to watch her flight online.  I am sure she will be fine.

I’m glad that we could have this chat,


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  1. With you in spirit, Nancy Jane. I know how hard it is to let her go, regardless how smart and accomplished your brain knows she is. You won’t be whole until she’s back and hear all her stories, and then you’ll tell yourself, “I knew she’d be fine…. I’m so glad she had this experience!”

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