Day 1138 – Pow Wow

Today, Kathie and I went to the Quartzsite Improvement Associations’s annual Rock and Gem Show with Minerals (  It was basically a flea market of stand after stand, table after table, of rocks.  You can get an idea for the level of excitement this venue produced by studying today’s featured photo.  As you can see, these gentlemen are fighting hard to keep their composure.

Now, I really don’t know rocks, but some of them were quite beautiful.  Others were not so pretty.  Some booths had jewelry that was very well made, and were interesting in how they used rocks and stones.  But it really was some place that I only need to visit once.  It was nice to walk around outside, although it was a tad cold at times.  After a couple of hours of browsing, we moved on to Tyson Wells to find some lunch.

Tyson Wells is another area that resembles a flea market, and it was packed with people today.  This is across the street from the Big Tent, and since it was lunch time, I really should not have been surprised by the sea of humanity and lack of parking.  We finally lucked into a spot, and I was thankful to have the Honda CRV to drive around down there.  It is so much easier to park than the Ford.

Lunch was a fish taco for Kathie, and a veggie taco for me.  There may have been a County Fair Cinnamon roll for dessert.  Once we finished eating, we thought we might browse the stalls of the market, but decided to return to the RVs instead.

David was very busy while we were out.  He dismantled the sofa bed mattress and mechanism from the sofa, and had the mattress outside, ready to go to the landfill.  The frame was a bit more of a handful, so he was waiting for me to help take it outside.  Both of these pieces will be disposed of on Sunday at the landfill.

We had decided to remove the bed portion of the sofa because it was not comfortable to sleep on, and we have an air mattress for guests to use instead.  By ditching the mechanism, we save weight, and by adding storage containers in its place, we utilize the space.  This is what it used to look like:

Sofa Bed
Sofa Bed

I haven’t taken a picture of the new space, but will post that tomorrow.

We also spent a bit of time chatting with Hannah.  It was her first call from England, and she sounded pretty tired.  It was wonderful to hear how she was getting on, and all of the things she has done in just two short days in the UK.  She now has bedding and a coat appropriate for the weather, and is adjusting.  As expected, her biggest challenge is finding food.  She is going to have a rough time of it, trying to maintain her vegan lifestyle, but she seems determined.

Once we wrapped up the call with Hannah, David and Kathie went for a walk to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.  I walked over to the Monaco group to visit our friends Carole and Barry Read.  They arrived yesterday, and I will have to get a picture with them before they leave.  They are another fun couple that we met at Amazon in 2013.

The sunset was once again amazing.  Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself:

Another AZ Sunset
Another AZ Sunset

The colors just don’t come through completely in this phone picture.  This was taken from Barry and Carole’s parking spot.

Dinner consisted of leftovers and watching part of the Australian Open action.  David worked on researching the feasibility of using a residential refrigerator with our solar power system, while Kathie and I searched the internet for rental properties that compare to hers. If you know of anyone who is looking for a wonderful place to rent this summer, send them here:

Tomorrow is another Amazon workday for us, and Kathie is going to join back up with Joel of the Escapees Solo group for a trip to the Desert Bar.  I am sure she will have a dandy time!

I’m glad that we could have this chat,


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    1. Yes, it was crazy to hear about all of the things she had already seen and done and the differences between like in the States and there. She needs a day to catch up on sleep, though!

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