Day 1139 – Winding Down in Q

Saturday, Jan 24 was our last assigned day to work for Amazon at the Quartzsite booth.  David and I leisurely  ate our breakfast oatmeal, visited with his sister Kathie, and then stepped outside to say goodbye to one of the remaining Hitchhiker couples that were leaving shortly.

The tent had a completely different vibe than it did on our first three work days.  I don’t know if it was because the show was winding down or what, but people were just WEIRD,  hard to read, disinterested, challenging…I could go on, but you get it.

The hours dragged a bit, and we were very happy to scoot out when our shift was over.  Upon arrival back at our home, David hopped on the internet to research his latest idea: swapping our RV fridge for a Residential fridge.  I look forward to his blog post on this one!

While we busied ourselves at the Big Tent, Kathie had her own adventure with Joel from the Escapees SOLOs (the Singles Club).  He is a nice guy who lost his wife 6 years ago, and has already taken Kathie to a dinner with the group.  Today, he wanted to take her to the Desert Bar, which is shown in today’s featured photo.  A trip to the Desert Bar has been on my list, so I am glad that Kathie got to go.  (To read about the bar, go to  She was not only treated to dancing and socializing, but she also got a tour of Parker and points along the Colorado River.  She seemed to really enjoy her day, and was home before dark, like a good girl.

We topped the day off with a campfire with the last remaining couple from the gathering, Roy and Linda from Alberta, Canada.  They are a kick, and we really enjoy our time with them.

Tomorrow looks to be a travel day, so I best be getting to bed.

I’m glad that we could have this chat,


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