Day 1140 – Moving On

The weather forecast stated that rain was on it’s way to the area on Monday, so we figured we had better get out of Quartzsite on Sunday to try to beat the storm.  Pulling the RV in wind and rain is no fun, and we are a little challenged right now, since we need to pull both our RV and Kathie’s rental.  The rental is too large to tow with the Honda, so that means we have two vehicles, two trailers, but only one winning combination!

The first order of business for the day for me was to complete job applications for the sugar beet harvest this Fall.  A company called Express Employment Professionals hires workcampers to help with the sugar beet harvest in Minnesota and North Dakota each year.  The work can be completed in 2 – 4 weeks, and the money is supposedly very good.  It is another example of utilizing a transient workforce to supplement the locals during peak season.  See for more information.  We figured that it would be better to get our applications in now, since they had a booth right next to Amazon’s at the Big Tent.  So, it was off to the tent for me.

Meanwhile, David and Kathie took the trash, sofa bed frame, and mattress to the transfer station just outside of Quartzsite.  Then, they filled up the truck with $2.69/gallon diesel and returned to get the rigs ready to travel.

After I dropped off the applications, I said goodbye to Pamela (the leader of the Amazon Camperforce program) and stopped for a quick chat with Barb, another Camperforce worker from our last two years in Fernley.  She is a fellow vegan, and she had been working in the parking area for the Show.  That task was ridiculously boring, so she switched to working for a vendor in a booth selling Bloody Mary mix spices and a fishing tool that tied knots.  I am not sure how these two are related, but I wasn’t paying attention, either.  I should have grabbed a bag of the mix while I was there – I thought I would get back before we left town, but I didn’t, so I missed out.  But at least I got a sample of the non-alcoholic Bloody Mary, and it was exceptionally tasty.

I filled the Honda up with $1.99/gallon gas, and reunited with David and Kathie at the campsite.  We hooked up our trailer to the truck, and the Keane siblings travelled in the Ford while I followed in the CRV, as shown in today’s, you guessed it, featured photo.

Imperial Dam LTVA was the intended destination.  Once we arrived there, David went to the dump station to empty our tanks, and then moved to the water station to fill up with fresh water.  Kathie and I took the CRV to locate our parking spot, which turned out to be the same one that we parked in last year, across the “street” from the lovely Anna and Louis Hausleitner.  We are in the Florida Flats neighborhood once again.  After a quick bite to eat, David and I left Kathie, Hobbie, the CRV and the Hitchhiker, and headed back to Quartzsite for the rental trailer.  Before we picked up the trailer, we stopped at Barry and Carole’s rig to get a hug goodbye (and to check out the new, beautiful, Pergo floor they put in their Class A).  I also was promised a beer and an extended visit in Imperial Dam in February.  I will hold them to it!

David and I hooked up the trailer (my first time backing up to a trailer to connect).  Boy, did that backup camera come in handy!  I never could have done it blind.  It was just about dark, and we still needed to drive back to the LTVA.  So, our goodbyes with Roy and Linda were quick, and then it was down the rode we rolled.  It looked a bit like this:

We were treated to a beautiful mix of colors, but I didn’t get a picture.  When we arrived home, Kathie surprised us with a lovely dinner of brown rice and a kale/onion/garlic saute.  I was so appreciative to have a hot dinner ready at 8:30 pm after a day of running around.  I am one lucky girl!

The storm rolled in pretty quickly, and it got cold, so I headed to bed without much thought.  What a day!

I’m glad that we could have this chat,


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