Day 1141 – Laundry and Freebies

The rain started about 11 pm, and it kept up what seemed like the entire night.  We woke up to a sloshy, muddy mess all around us, and were thankful that we chose to relocate yesterday, rather than today.

The usual breakfast fare was produced, and David and I sat at the table, each lost in our computers.  I decided that I should tackle the laundry and get drinking water and groceries in Yuma.  David had another window blind to fix (the strings fray and break), and he did not want to go.  I went to Kathie’s trailer and asked if she was game, and she was.  After a bite of oatmeal and a gathering of her laundry, we set off to Yuma.

We first stopped at the fresh water kiosk on our way into town.  I get 5 gallons for $0.50, but realized that I only had 4 containers with me.  So, I got 4 gallons for $0.50 today.

The 8E Laundry in Yuma is a coinless laundry, and it is the cleanest laundromat in the country (that I have encountered, anyway).  It was very busy today, but we were in and out of there in a flash!

8E Laundry
8E Laundry

Next stop was Chipotle for lunch.  Kathie had never been to a Chipotle, and after she chose her bowl, our server told her that since it was her first visit, it was free for her. I think it made it even more tasty!  My Sofritas was yummy, too, and the fact that I can bring my receipt back anytime between tomorrow and Feb 28 for a free entree made for quite a deal.

Fry’s grocery was our next stop.  We were surprised to see that their gas was $1.79/gallon, so we topped off the tank before heading inside to grocery shop.  They have a really nice selection of produce, and the store is clean – reminds me of a Raley’s in Sacramento.  We got what we needed, and navigated our way out of the store.  It was packed, as I think the rain must have let up a little, and people headed out while the getting was good.

One last stop, the drive-thru of Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee for the road, and we were back to our house by 5:45 pm.  I made Kathie a lavash bread pizza, and David and I had our Chipotle.

Desert was watching the Australian Open, although it was not nearly as entertaining as it was last night. We checked the weather in the East to see how bad it must be for family in Maine and Massachusetts. Hopefully, they are staying inside and are warm and toasty.

We may head to Los Algodones tomorrow, but will see how Kathie is feeling.  She was feeling cold while we were warm in the RV tonight, so we are hoping she isn’t coming down with something.

Hope you are dry, warm, safe, and happy!

I’m glad that we could have this chat,


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