Day 1143 – A Little Hope

Today I was bitten by the cleaning bug.  I woke up and started dusting and scrubbing, just getting my little world tidy.  This usually hits when I really should be doing something else – like my mom’s taxes, my bookkeeping, exercise, etc.

David tilted the solar panels to get a little more juice, as we have been a tad cloudy and not getting past 86% charged. He also trimmed some pieces of wood to finish the sofa project.  Kathie enjoyed a leisurely morning of vacation time, and we were all pretty much in our own routine until lunch.

After our lunch salads, David and Kathie went on a hike through the gorge that is right here by our campsite.  I was going to do some sorting, and then hit the internet for the latest version of Turbo Tax and start gathering tax forms from various places.  I feel guilty being online or working on my “stuff” when we have guests!

As David and Kathie were walking away, in pulled our friend Linda and her dog, Hope, in their class C.  We visited with Linda briefly in Quartzsite, and she is on her way to Tucson to stay with some Silverton, CO friends of hers.  We were so happy to see her, and Hope came right inside our trailer, and Hobbie was totally chill about it.   Which is a good thing, since Hope jumped right into Hob’s empty bed, as you can see in today’s photo!

I can’t tell you much about David and Kathie’s hike – I will have to steal some of the photos from their adventure, and may get David to write about the hike in his own post.

But I had a lovely visit with Linda, and once the adventurers returned, we headed down to the showers at Squaw Lake.  With three of us, this is the best way to get clean and still conserve water and limit the dump station runs!

Linda joined us for dinner, and we had a truly lovely time.  Of course, dinner consisted of the leftovers from last night, and we pretty much polished off the lemon pie, too!

We will get up early in the morning and head out on a field trip to Borrego Springs tomorrow.  We are looking forward to sharing one of our favorite places with Kathie.


I’m glad that we could have this chat,



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