Day 1149 – Planes and Trailers

The day started before the sun came up.  4:30 am was our wake time, for we had a day of travel and time constraints that kept us on the move.

We took David’s sister Kathie to the Sky Harbor International Airport on Phoenix to fly back to her home in Maine.  Although we tried to keep her with us longer, she knew she had a small window of travel opportunity between winter storms.  The airport had even sent her an email reminding her that she was traveling on a very busy day, what with the Super Bowl being in Phoenix and all. So, we headed out early, just to be sure she made her flight.

As the sun rose, and the moon set, we had beautiful southwestern landscapes that seemed to be saying, “until next time” to Kathie.

Oh, the things that we exposed her to! Quartzsite, RV’ing, Friends and More Friends, Dry Camping, Mexico! Hopefully these warm memories will keep her spirits high as she returns to the frozen Maine tundra, as shown in today’s featured photo.

Here is a little taste of what she saw in Quartzsite: 

After seeing Kathie off at the airport (no small feat, since we were pulling her rental trailer through the departures lanes at PHX), it was time to return the trailer.  A “quick” drive to the outskirts of Phoenix, to the home of the private party owner, and we were free to get a little shopping done before we headed back to our RV.

Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Sprouts all had something that we just HAD to get.  Really, it was mostly food.  What can I say? We are picky eaters, and sometimes we have to go to multiple stores to find what we need.

We returned home before dark, and Kathie successfully navigated her Phoenix-Las Vegas-Reagan National-Bangor flights.

Once all of the groceries were put away (and I re-organized the fridge, freezer, and pantry), I made a simple stir fry.  We were pretty toasted, so we were in bed by 10 pm.

Tomorrow, we will be making lists and getting ourselves organized.  We have been so fortunate to have first Hannah, then Kathie, with us since December.  But we have some cleaning and projects to get moving on!

I’m glad that we could have this chat,


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