Day 1150 – Cleanup

The day started with not only a lovely moon set/sun rise, but also a call with Hannah.  It seems that she has discovered that UK peanut butter is disgusting, that she is experiencing a real winter (vs the born-and-raised-in-California winter), and that “old” buildings in the US are not really old compared to what she is seeing in York and Sunderland. You can read more about it here, if you are so inclined:

After a lovely morning walk with David, we both got to cleaning and organizing, something that we have not really focused on while we had Hannah and Kathie as guests.  Boy, do we have our work cut out for us.  There is a very strong urge to do a complete sweep of the RV, and purge again.  Lookout Goodwill, local Thrift Stores, etc.  We will be dropping off to you soon!

It took me an inordinate amount of time to clean up yesterday’s blog post.  I tried to do it on my telephone as we were driving to Phoenix, but when I got a look at it on the computer, I knew that it was not going to cut it. So, please forgive me for that one!

David continued to work on his latest project, the solar hot water heater.  He is designing it himself, and doing prep work.  I asked him to do a complete write up when he is finished with it, much like the solar write up.(

We received information about our next two jobs.  First, we will be working at the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix, AZ Feb 25 – Mar 1 for Amazon CamperForce.  (  The corporate program manager, Pamela, let us know that our parking spot was secured, so we will get to stay onsite, which is very exciting.

Next, we received an email from Barbie at the Bar Harbor KOA, confirming our tentative dates (May 1 – Sept 18), job duties, and the names of other Workampers.  As it turns out, Doug and Patty, a couple we met last year in Livingston (fellow vegans) will be working there, too!  Now, they have worked for KOA before, but have not been to Maine.  This is going to be fun!

The rest of the day didn’t bring any real surprises, and the weather is starting to heat up.  We want to take advantage of the full moon, so we are planning on getting up around 4:30 am to do a moonlight hike.

I’m glad that we could have this chat,


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