Day 1153 – For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

As you may know, our son Kit has been living in Tulsa, OK, since July 2011. He moved there because he had the opportunity to study at the University of Tulsa. His goal was to receive his Masters degree in Biology, to go along with his Undergrad degree in English Lit from UCLA and his CA teaching credential from UC Davis. (Yup, I am bragging about his accomplishments!)

I am fuzzy on the timeline, but somewhere along the way, he was switched from the Master Program to the Doctor of Philosophy in Biology program.  He has truly been having the time of his life studying the prairie mole crickets, and has finished his required courses.  All that he has left now is research, research, and more research.

While studying at Tulsa, he has been a Teaching Assistant, a Lab Assistant, a Research Assistant.  He has taught Lab classes, and spoken at conferences.

As I was looking up more details (because you know how those Keane men are all about the details – Not), I discovered an article mentioning Kit’s presentation at the 86th Annual Meeting of the Southwestern and Rocky Mountain (SWARM) Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  (

So, basically, he was working, attending class, and doing research.  Here is the really good part.  He has received a fellowship, the Bellwether.  Per TU’s website, “Bellwether Fellowships are to assist TU doctoral candidates in the completion of their degree. The selected fellowship recipients are expected to be leaders in their respective disciplines and trendsetters for The University of Tulsa doctoral degree.”  This will allow him to focus on his research, and not have to worry about working a position on campus, too.

His next step is to find a postdoctoral position.  But that is after graduation, and can be anywhere! We are so proud, and very excited for him.  He has truly made the most of this opportunity.

So three cheers to Kit!

We now return to our regular program:

Today was pretty much a stay-in-and-catch-up day.

There was soccer on the tv to watch, breakfast potatoes to be eaten, blog posts to write, emails to run through.

One such email was from Kathie.  She sent me some photos from Maine, and reported that her glasses from Los Alogodones have arrived.  First, the soap that she took home from Yuma:

Desert Sunrise Soap
Desert Sunrise Soap

I just love the color swirls, and  will try to replicate this.  I still think this is a hot process soap, since it is so textured.  The soapmaker was not in the shop, so I couldn’t ask in person.

And her view out her front window:

Kathies View
Kathie’s View

This is what that  view looks like in July:

KK's 2015-07-03
KK’s 2015-07-03

It’s not an exact comparison, but you get the idea. Brrrrrr.

David spent most of the day up on the roof, repositioning one of the solar panels, in anticipation of adding the solar hot water panels. He also put some time in searching online for a small travel trailer to possibly fix up and keep here as a second bedroom.  You know, for when we have guests (or one of us is in the doghouse).

I am going to wrap this up early today, and take myself for a walk.  It is a lovely 85 degrees with a slight breeze.  Just seems like what I need to shake the funk that a quiet house brings on.

I’m glad that we could have this chat,


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