Day 1159 – What’s Cooking

Hello there, old friend.

I have been slacking.  I truly have no excuse for not keeping up.  In fact, I have started writing posts every single day – in my head, as I wake up each morning.  And then, well, I get up and get going and suddenly it is 2 pm and I have very little idea how I lost track of time, or why I didn’t have the discipline to sit and write out my thoughts and experiences.

Am I in a funk? I don’t think so.  I actually think I am doing well with this whole empty nest thing.  Except that I am keenly aware that I am in need of being needed.  Now, I have managed to do things for Hannah (and to a much lesser extent, Kit and Tami) practically every day.  And I am in constant contact with the girl even though we have a 7 hour time difference.  And it would not be a far stretch to say that I check my phone as soon as I wake up to see what little note or update I have received (thanks, “WhatsApp”) from jolly ol’ England.

But there are many, many things that I must get wrapped up, and stop all this dilly-dallying.

The first of which – what did we do yesterday (which was Thursday, Feb 12, 2015)?

Well, in my head I wrote the post about the need for Structure.  With a capital “S”. But you see how well that went (not posted).  David and I then went for our every-other-day run/walk.  I tried to push it harder than I have in the past, as David gave me permission to run at my speed, as he feels that I have the ability to run faster than he does at this time.  It is only for one minute at a time, so there really isn’t that much distance between us.  We are running on a narrow, rocky path, so it is exceptionally hard to run side-by-side, which means one of us has to be in the lead.  I am fatter than David, so I feel like I need to work harder to get in/keep in shape, so I need to expend more effort on these runs.  We added two more run intervals, and even tried one stretch of running for 2 minutes at a time.  This means that we are both getting back into better shape.  Not In-The-Prime-Of-Amazon-Season shape, but definitely better than Sloth-In-The-Desert shape.

We had our usual morning oatmeal and (for me) coffee breakfast, and I ran down to the Christian Service Center to pick up a package for David. (Ah shoot.  Post Day 1145 is still in Draft, so this sentence does not make sense.  Roll with me on this.  I will update that next, I promise).

David continued to work on his solar hot water heater project, and I got going on bookkeeping.  That lovely FAFSA is due any day now, and I am feeling the pressure.

The winds are coming and going here, and the temperatures have remained in the 80’s. I mention this not as filler, but so that you can share in the questioning of the wisdom of baking biscotti when it is warmer outside than inside, and one does not have the ability to fire up the air conditioner.

I make biscotti because David loves it, and I am trying to fatten him up.  The problem is that it really isn’t very high in calories, since it has no oil.  But it is high in fiber, which sometimes is not the best thing for a person with Parkinson’s (PWP).  So, I make something he loves to eat, but he needs to increase his fluid intake to go along with the consumption of these hard cookies.  And that, my friend, is a challenge.  Even though we are in the desert, with all this flying sand particles, he just does not seem to increase his fluids as much as I would like.  When I say something, he points out that coffee is a diuretic, and that I drink way too much coffee, and there you have it.  Male Brick Wall.

Lunch salads were made, and we had leftovers burgers for dinner.

After dinner, I went online to Zenni Optical to have a go at ordering glasses online.  David wants another pair of glasses, going back to his titanium frame, and a full strength prescription.  Amazingly, his glasses are costing me a total of $27.90 – that is frame, lenses, and a sunglass clip-on! ( That is for a single vision lenses.  We will see how this goes.  Compare that to the over $200 for the Costco frame and lenses we purchased in 2012, and it really isn’t a risk.

The morning is getting away from me again, and I can feel the pressure to get up and get moving. I will just say that I will try to be kinder to myself today, and hope you can do the same for yourself. The pressure we put on ourselves is always greater than the pressure from those around us.

I’m glad that we could have this chat,






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