Day 484: Wind Aided

Today’s adventure was a long drive straight through the rest of NM, a not-so-RV friendly gas stop in Amarillo, TX, and finally across the border into OK.

The weather started to pick up, and we battled enough wind that we decided to stop earlier than planned.  Thank goodness for that easy access Walmart in Elk City. 

Hope you don’t mind the lack of pictures for today’s entry.  There just weren’t any People of Walmart moments.

I was supposed to fly from Tulsa to Austin Tuesday morning for a quick visit with my mom, but that is now canceled.  I was cutting it close; thought I could pull it off. 

Weather forecast for the Tulsa area is looking ominous, and we have 4 hours of driving to go. Crosswind, hail, etc. are not our friends. 

Please pardon my geek moment, as I give a little squeal that this post was done entirely from my phone.

From the passenger seat…
~ NR

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