Day 488: Tulsa

Welcome Committee

We arrived in Tulsa after a very windy drive, and found an absolutely beautiful site in Keystone State Park, which is just 20 minutes from Kit and Tami.  The park is pretty much empty so far, but we do expect it to pick up for the weekend.  And the solar power system is still rocking!  No need to plug in, even with a cloudy day.

There was a welcome committee that followed David around as he was trying to take pictures of our site.  He could not shake these ducks!

Wednesday and Thursday nights were spent enjoying dinners and catching up with Kit and Tami in their new home.  Their house is looking great, and we hope to help them put in their vegetable garden this weekend.  Tami has a Vitamix, which I confess I am very jealous of.

After a day stormy, cold weather, it is starting to heat up.  The trees are on the verge of popping, and David will likely get a chance to go “bugging” with Kit on Sunday.  On a walk around the park, we got a glimpse of just how big they grow ’em here in Oklahoma!

Awesome Hopper


After we saw Kit, I “let” David shave the beard he was growing.  He really was doing it at my request, but with his high school reunion coming up, it really isn’t fair to ask him to keep it.  Of course, I got one last shot of the Longshoreman look before he shaved…



I spent today running around to the post office, Home Depot, Whole Foods, Radio Shack, etc.  It took me a ridiculous amount of time because I totally did not know my way around, and even with two GPS systems, I should have planned better before I left home.  It was all good in the end, as the weather was warm and lovely, and we enjoyed this beautiful sunset…

Fiery Sunset


~ NR

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