Day 582: Getting Started

How can we be 582 days into our full time adventure, and I have yet to get the website solidly established? Or consistently documented the sights and sounds of our wanderings?

I would love to say that it is because we have just been having too darn much fun.  Now, that may be true, but I think it is really the procrastinator in me that has taken over.  While it was a prominent trait when I was younger, I kept that tendency buried for a good 30 years as I established a fine-tuned routine of family and work.  Once that routine was blown away by this new lifestyle, I struggled to establish any sense of order in my daily life.

Yesterday, as David and I were talking and walking with his sister Nancy, we reflected on some of the diverse locations we have found ourselves in during this past year-and-a-half.  A feeling washed over me like a wave – if I had kept this journal up properly, I would have these places documented with pictures, and words, readily available to revisit.  And to share with whoever happens upon my ramblings.

So this morning, I awoke with a new plan.  Since I cannot trust my brain to remember yesterdays properly, I vow to post my daily journal entries each night.  Some days will absolutely be more interesting than others.  But as I get more comfortable with this medium, and find my voice, I hope to have something to contribute each time I sit down and marvel at how pushing buttons on a keyboard make letters magically appear on my screen.

~ Here’s to finding a witty signoff… Nancy

I never get tired of this view
I never get tired of this view

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