So Hard To Say Good Bye

We find ourselves once again making our way across the country. We said our See-you-soon’s last night, and hope to drive from Deer Isle to the welcome center on I84 in Danbury,CT today.

It is a long first day, but David is feeling good, and glad to be back behind the wheel.  The old ticker is behaving, but I will likely drive tomorrow, since we all know I can handle the load.

Family is certainly on our minds as we cruise down the highway.  It is always so hard to fit in a year’s worth of laughter, conversation, and memory sharing into our 2 month visit with David’s sister and parents.  The time goes by quickly, especially the last couple of days.  We are always thankful for the opportunities that we are given, but that doesn’t make leaving any easier.

Also moving along today: Darling Daughter Hannah is making her transition from furnished apartment to a rental house.  Yes, 6 Aztec Women’s Soccer players will be sharing a 5 bedroom, 2 bath house.  And Ikea will once again be Hannah’s furniture provider of choice.  Curse you, Pinterest!  I know we both wish I was closer geographically with this big truck to help with the move and set up.  But we also enjoy hearing the tales. Oh, to be 20 again.

Speaking of serial movers, Little Sister Kristen and her husband Mike have made to move from Gardnerville, NV to Centralia, WA in the last couple of days.  We just might have to check out their new place after our Amazon jobs wrap in December.  It is an exciting time for them now, and Mom will be joining them in September.

I best be getting back to navigating.  This summertime traffic is the pits.  Where is everyone going?

Rolling through,

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