Spotto Makes Cover Of Escapees Magazine

This is just so exciting to share! No, this is not a fancy Photoshop job of Spotto on the face of a magazine.  This is 100% legit!

Just as we were leaving to return to Australia, David was notified that his photo submission from last year was selected for the cover of the Escapees Magazine.  And here it is!

The description:

What is Escapees magazine, you ask?  It is the bimonthly publication sent to members of Escapees RV Club, which is a total support network for all RVers.   We joined in December, 2013, and have been so glad that we did.  A little history about the club: In 1978, Joe and Kay Peterson started a support group called Escapees RV Club to answer a growing need for community among early RVers. The club grew from the original 82 member families to over 10,000, and just kept growing. Today, it offers many services for the RVing community.  These include (taken and paraphrased from the Xscapers website):

A point of pride for Escapees is their RV Advocacy Coalition. The focus is to alert RVers to potential problems, so they may prepare for changes.  This includes changes to laws in the states of domicile popular with RVers: Texas, South Dakota and Florida. The effects of healthcare reform, drivers license and auto registration rules are all examples of areas of focus for the Advocacy team.

Escapees Mail Forwarding Service is the largest private mail service in the nation. We use this and it has been just amazing! With a simple email, I can direct when and where I would like my mail sent.  If I have a question about what is in my mailbox, I can call and one of the exceptional staffers will go through it with me.  There is even a mail scanning service if I were so inclined.

We use our Escapee mail forwarding address as a legal domicile. We have the freedom to choose between a Texas, South Dakota, or Florida mailing address, but Texas works best for us.

There is a job board that came about through the formation of Xscapers (more on that below).  It lists open positions, or allows the upload of ones resume to be reviewed by potential employers.

Escapees partners with the best in the field to offer a comprehensive benefits program. If they don’t directly offer a service, a partner may.  This list includes insurance brokers, roadside assistance, and warranty services.

Valuable RV related service and clubs such as Fulltime Familes, Roadside Assistance, Harvests Hosts and many more offer discounts to Escapees.

Escapees owns 7 RV parks, referred to as Rainbow Parks. In addition to these, there is a vast network of discount parks across the US, Canada, and Mexico. These parks offer a 15% to 50% discount.

To help find these parks, the Escapees Travel Guide is a digital catalog of all of the discount parks, as well as commercial members around the country. The guide is also incorporated their web-based mapping tool, helping one to plan travel routes with ease.

C.A.R.E (Continued Assistance for Retired Escapees)
CARE answers the question, “What happens to full-time RVers when they cannot take care of their own or their spouse’s needs following an illness, injury, surgery, or the progression of a long-term health situation?” From broken bones to Alzheimer’s disease, CARE provides professional help while allowing one to live in a caring community of fellow RVers next to Rainbow’s End in Livingston, Texas.  We visited the CARE facility in April 2014, and saw first-hand what a lovely benefit this is.  Having skilled nursing and assistance while still being able to live in one’s RV is surely a comfort.

Convergences are events provided for the Xscapers community. The atmosphere is conducive for those working on the road. Convergences tend to be scheduled around standard business hours, allowing working RVers to more easily balance work and play.

Want to join the RV community but don’t know where to start? Got a problem and need some help? Want to share your love of RVing with others? Join our friendly and active online RVing community on the Escapees Discussion Forum (

With a wealth of knowledge and a sense of family, Escapees (SKPs) are always willing to help, or share in their experiences. Whether it is through Discussion Forums or informal get-togethers, a “neighbor” is never far away. 

There are also organized travel adventures, called HOP’s. The Head Out Program program includes coordinated tours, cruises, and adventure-filled outings. Examples include decorating a float for the Rose Parade, or helping with a hot air balloon at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival.

For those looking for a community or social engagement, there are like-interest groups called Birds Of a Feather (BOF’s) to join.  We are members of the Boomers and the Boondockers.  With 35 offically-recognized groups, there is one for everyone!

Additionally, there is a new lifestyle group of Escapees called the Xscapers. There are the “working aged” RVers, who enjoy life on the road while working full or part time.  This group can be considered the “younger” crowd, but there is no age division, and all are welcome to be a part of both groups.

Convergences are events provided for the Xscapers community. The atmosphere is conducive for those working on the road. Convergences tend to be scheduled around standard business hours, allowing working RVers to more easily balance work and play.

So that gives you a great deal of information out the Escapees club.  If you are still looking for more, click here.

As for that lovely picture that David (now the published photographer) took. We were outside of Melbourne on the morning of April 12, and awoke to the loveliest rainbows! This picture brings back such great memories, and we are so proud to share our little Spotto with the RV world.  And kudos to David, who really wanted to have an Escapees cover, and accomplished it on his first try!

What a great way to go full circle.  As of Feb 28, 2017 Spotto is now owned by a lovely Greek couple who will be taking trips around Australia over the next couple of years that they have left on their work contracts. I am sure they will have great adventures just like we did.  Spotto will take good care of them.

I am so glad that we could have this visit!

~ Nancy